Environmental and land-use planning law

About our environmental and land-use planning law services

As concerns about the environment continue to multiply, businesses are dealing with laws, regulations, policies and directives that govern their operations and have a direct impact on their viability, competitiveness and profitability. Our professionals specializing in environmental law can help you navigate this legislative and procedural maze. Whether you need to obtain the necessary authorizations to start up or continue your activities, verify that your current and future operations are in compliance with the legislation in force, or make representations before the competent authorities when necessary, our professionals will be able to respond to these requests quickly and efficiently.

Our professionals also act as advisors to their clients, during both the analysis phase of a project and its implementation. They regularly collaborate with other members of the firm, particularly concerning the purchase and sale of businesses, financing and the decision-making process of corporate directors on environmental matters. Our professionals are here to make simple and effective recommendations for implementing sustainable solutions tailored to the issue at hand.

Our expertise covers the following areas in Environmental and land-use planning law

  • Environmental legislation

  • Farming

  • Land-use planning

  • Applications for certificates of authorization

  • Applications for licences

  • Environmental audits

  • Environmental compliance

  • Environmental litigation

  • Spills

  • Zoning

Our professionals in this field

Julien-Pierre Côté


Chantale Bouchard


Stéphane Audy


Mélanie Rhéaume


Laurier Gauthier, ing., M.G.P.



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