Insolvency and bankruptcy law

About our insolvency and bankruptcy law services

Whether you’re a creditor or an entrepreneur, we can advise you in the event your client or supplier becomes insolvent or, as sometimes happens in business, if your own company is facing insolvency. Our firm has developed relationships over the years with a number of stakeholders in this field, including financial institutions and trustees.

Insolvency and bankruptcy law often calls upon the creativity of its practitioners. Our professionals will be able to guide you through this difficult situation and help you emerge in the best possible position.

Our expertise covers the following areas in Insolvency and bankruptcy law

  • Bankruptcy, sequestration and liquidation

  • Realizing on securities

  • Recovery

  • Reorganization of companies (C-36)

  • Strategic advice on insolvency

Our professionals in this field

Anne-Marie Gagné


Michel Caron

Legal Technician


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