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We are a group of lawyers and notaries who value teamwork, which ensures our operational capacity far exceeds our individual capabilities. In other words, working together makes us more than the sum of our parts.

From the beginning, our mission has been to offer legal and transactional services tailored to specific clients and their needs. Our clientele is composed of business people, corporate entities and individuals located throughout Quebec. Our professionals also regularly work in Ontario, and on occasion, in the rest of Canada, the United States and the European Union.

Our team of notaries and lawyers makes it a point of pride to accompany our clients throughout all stages of their lives, in both their professional and personal affairs. Our commitment to our clients is simple: deliver on time, every time. Our team’s commitment to providing quality and courteous professional service tailored to our clients’ needs is what sets us apart.

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Pioneers in their methods and driven by the desire to offer services outside major urban centres, KSA Lawyers joined forces with the notary firm Leblanc Martin inc. of Trois-Rivières in 2013. This alliance would allow business clients in the Mauricie region to carry out major commercial transactions outside the province and to have access to a complete range of legal services provided by professionals who share their values. In 2016, KSA Lawyers, founded in Lévis, opened new offices in Québec City.

In November 2017, the notary firm Gosselin Lagueux Roy of Lévis joined our group. The synergy created between these firms of professionals on the south shore of Québec City, with different but complementary and indispensable areas of expertise, has only reinforced their strategic positioning. In January 2020, Côté Ouellet Thivierge, a notary firm serving a large area in the Bas-St-Laurent, with seven offices located across the region, joined the group.

These associations give our clients access to professionals in finance, business management and technology who have developed lasting relationships with members of the KSA group. This allows us to refer our clients to related service companies in the fields of financing, due diligence and transaction evaluation, as well as to have access to ad hoc support services required for different types of transactions.

The alliances that have enabled our group to grow have always been undertaken with the primary objective of providing an integrated offer of legal services, allowing our clients to have access to more professionals who are experts in their fields, all within a single network. In 2020, these four firms decided to update their image and rebrand as KSA Lawyers + Notaries, a strong identity that reflects the diversified legal services offered by our group.

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