Equine law

About our equine law services

The equestrian industry, although highly specialized, includes a wide range of actors and activities, all revolving around one focal point—the horse.

The close interrelationship between sport, veterinary medicine, breeding, horse training, rider training, horse trading, horse care and animal welfare make the equestrian industry a very unique one. Advising the stakeholders in such a varied yet specialized field requires a professional who is well versed in all aspects and issues of the industry, whether they are legal, strategic, economic, sporting, technical or scientific. It is also essential that the professional be familiar with the industry’s practices.

Our equine law professionals have decades of experience in the industry as breeders, riders and dealers. We have assisted professionals in all facets of their businesses, from veterinarians to merchants to riders and owners of sport horses to operators of equestrian centres. Over the years, we have also created a very extensive network of contacts, in both scientific and technical fields, allowing us to meet all the legal needs of players in the industry across the world.

Our expertise covers the following areas in Equine law

  • Transfer of businesses in the field of veterinary medicine and in the equestrian field

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability

  • Disciplinary law

  • Drafting of boarding contracts

  • Negotiation and drafting of various contracts relating to the purchase, lease or sale of horses

  • Professional liability

  • Sports law

  • Strategic advice to professionals

  • Syndication

Our professionals in this field

Julien-Pierre Côté



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