Corporate vault

About our corporate vault services

Our corporate vault service combines the maintenance and storage of your corporate book. This includes the safekeeping of your corporate book in a secure and protected vault so that your original documents are safe from loss, mishandling, theft or simple oversight.

This service also ensures that your corporate book is always up to date and complies with the obligations to which the corporation is subjected. The corporate vault is suitable for both corporations and trusts and its annual fees are minimal.

Using the corporate vault allows you to avoid the hassles and penalties that apply in the event of failure or delay in filing your annual declarations or reports. An incomplete or non-compliant corporate book can lead to significant inconveniences, such as the refusal of financing, problems in the event of a shareholder’s death or difficulty attracting new investors or partners, which could lead to undue delays in completing transactions that are important to you. In addition, it exposes your company to penalties from various government corporate registries if irregularities have to be corrected.

Our expertise covers the following areas in Corporate vault

  • The ability to contact us throughout the year for all your questions and requests

  • Support and consulting services throughout the year

  • Communication with an accountant once the financial statements are complete

  • Monitoring of entries and exits

  • Preparation of annual general meetings

  • Storage of books in our vault

  • Verification and updating of the corporation’s status with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and Corporations Canada where applicable

Our professionals in this field

Caroline Tremblay


Audrey Briand


Cassy Bernier


Marie-Josée Raymond


Maxime Létourneau


Cindy Morin


Éric Martin


Claudia Beaulieu



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