Gosselin Lagueux Roy

About the firm

The origins of the notary firm Gosselin Lagueux Roy date back to the early 1970s, when Jacques Gosselin first went into practice in Lévis. In 1973, Reynald Lagueux, representing the second generation of notaries in his family, was sworn in and began his practice with Mtre Gosselin. With the arrival of Simon Roy in 1987, the office became known as Gosselin Lagueux Roy. In the years since, Jean-Sébastien Roy (1999), Jean-François Nolet (2004), Andréanne Bédard (2013) and Karine Lemay (2018) joined the office to complete the current team.

This team of professionals are known for their client-oriented service and are considered true partners by their business clients. They are able to meet complex challenges in real estate and commercial matters. With a view to providing full service to all its clients, whether they are individuals or corporations, the office also offers services in traditional fields. In November 2017, Gosselin Lagueux Roy, notaires inc., by now well established in its field, joined the KSA group.

Gosselin Lagueux Roy

67 Côte du Passage
Lévis, QC G6V 6R8
Téléphone : 418 833-0311
Télécopieur : 418 833-1749
Québec City
2875 Laurier Blvd., Delta II, Suite 210
Québec City, QC G1V 2M2
Téléphone : 581 814-5500
Télécopieur : 581 814-5520

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