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In 2020, KSA as you know it celebrated its 10-year anniversary. However its history actually dates back to 1936, when our colleague Serge Kronström’s father founded our firm.

As the years became decades, the firm grew. Initially based in Lévis, it expanded to offices in Québec City and Montréal. By the early 2000s, it had become clear to the partners at the Lévis office that it was increasingly difficult to maintain the traditional business model of a firm close to home. And thus, on July 1, 2010, our firm was reborn as KSA Lawyers, s.e.n.c.r.l.

From the very start of this adventure, KSA was accompanied by the notary firm Leblanc Martin in Trois-Rivières. In 2016, we decided to open an office in Québec City to help foster our regional development. In 2017, the notaries from Gosselin Lagueux Roy in Lévis joined our group, further diversifying our service offer.

In 2020, the professionals from Côté Ouellet Thivierge in the Bas-St-Laurent joined our ranks, ensuring that the KSA group now reaches a large part of the province.

Our expansion has been undertaken with much reflection and with our core professional and human values as a priority. These values guide us in our work with our clients, who are the whole reason we are here.

We hope our brand new website will give you a window into who we are and how we can help you grow, develop and shine in all your professional, business and personal endeavours.

KSA Lawyers + Notaries

5790 Étienne-Dallaire Blvd., Suite 205
Lévis, QC G6V 8V6
Téléphone : 418-838-5500
Télécopieur : 418-838-5518
Québec City
2875 Laurier Blvd., Delta II, Suite 210
Québec City, QC G1V 2M2
Téléphone : 581 814-5500
Télécopieur : 581 814-5520
1350 Royale Street, Suite 1000
Trois-Rivières, QC G9A 4J4
Téléphone : 819 374-6241
Télécopieur : 819 374-1454

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