16 July 2021

The case against mr. Marian stastny ’s corporation was dismissed

By KSA group

On July 2, 2021, the Superior Court (the Honourable Damien St-Onge) rendered judgment dismissing Groupe Beaudet’s (hereafter “Beaudet”) claim for damages against Promotions sportives Jérôme Inc., a corporation operated by Mr. Marian Stastny.

In his judgment, the Honourable Damien St-Onge concluded that Beaudet’s claim was unfounded. Beaudet alleged having concluded a commercial lease with Stastny for the operation of the golf course. Given the lack of agreement concerning the essential elements of the lease, the court concluded that there was an offer to lease that did not constitute a lease.

Regarding Beaudet’s claim for damages to recover the alleged expenses for loss of profits and business opportunities, for troubles and inconveniences regarding the hours invested in the aborted project, the court dismissed it on various grounds. 

Furthermore, the court rejects the testimony of Beaudet’s expert, who “did not demonstrate the objectivity required of an expert, the scientific rigour, and most importantly, the intellectual independence and the ethics necessary to be heard by the court.”

In conclusion, the court dismisses the claim from Groupe Beaudet, with legal fees, including expert fees. 

Stéphane Audy and Chantale Bouchard were in charge of this file.

To learn more, consult the judgment: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/