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With the aim of returning to a more traditional law practice, Marie-Eve Paquette joined our civil and commercial litigation team. She also offers her expertise in matters related to labor and administrative law.

A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Marie-Eve was admitted to the profession in 2019 after a Bar internship in public administration. Her duties as an investigator in public administration allowed her to acquire knowledge of the functioning of several government departments and agencies. In carrying out her various mandates, Marie-Eve stands out for her ease in identifying the needs of her clients, in analyzing complex legal situations and in navigating the various applicable laws.


2015 to 2017: President of the board of directors of the Association des personnes vivant avec la douleur chronique en Outaouais

2013 : Founder and president of the Canadian Student Association for Children’s Rights, University of Ottawa chapter.


Year of admission to the profession : 2019

2017-2018 : Professional formation of the Québec Bar

2011 à 2016 : Licentiate in Law, LL.L, University of Ottawa


Construction law

Legal hypothecs


Defective works

Civil and commercial litigation

Access to information

Commercial and residential leases




Administrative and labour law

Workplace accidents and injuries

Human rights and freedoms

Wording of work contracts

Litigation – duty of loyalty and non-competition

Litigation in case of a discharge

Individual relations

Labour standards (opinions, advice and litigation)

Termination of employment


Legal hypothecs

Notice of exercise of hypothecary rights

Notice of preservation of a legal hypothec

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