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Jean-Sébastien Roy has a varied practice and can therefore act as a legal advisor in several areas, including residential and commercial real estate law, personal planning, estate law and corporate law.  He has also developed an expertise in divided and undivided co-ownership as well as in non-contentious procedures.

Mr. Roy is also a certified family mediator.


Since 2006 : Member of the Board of Directors of GRT Nouvel Habitat.

Since 2005 : Member of the BNI group in Levis.


1998 : Bachelor’s degree in law, LL. B., Laval University.


Business law

Bookkeeping, minutes and trusts

Business leases

Formation of corporations and incorporation


Mergers and acquisitions

Real estate


Human rights Law

Civil union contracts

Common law contracts

Drafting and homologation of a mandate in the event of incapacity

Family mediation

Living trusts

Marriage contracts

Separation agreements

Solemnization of marriages and civil unions

Trusts under will


Non-contentious matters

Application for adoption

Application for prescription

Establishing guardianship of a minor

Mandate homologation in case of incapacity

Motion to amend family status in register

Institution of protective supervision (tutorship, curatorship)

Probate of holograph will or will made before witnesses

Real estate law

Conversion to divided property


Divided or undivided co-ownership statement (residential or commercial)



Evaluation of real estate titles

Indivision agreements

Offer to purchase

Real estate mortgage

Sales (residential or commercial)



Legal hypothecs

Movable hypothecs with or without delivery

Notice of preservation of a legal hypothec

Surety bonds

Services related to a notary’s functions as a public officer

Authorization for minors to travel outside the country

Certifying of various documents


Appointment of a liquidator

Declaration of heredity

Declaration of transmission of movable or immovable property

Inventory of the deceased’s property

Reading of wills

Passing of accounts and sharing

Publication of legal notices

Renunciation of a succession

Will searches

Gosselin Lagueux Roy

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Lévis, QC G6V 5S8
Téléphone : 418-833-0311
Télécopieur : 418-833-1749