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Originally from Témiscouata, Ms. Beaulieu joined the team of notaries of the firm after completing her internship in the fall of 2021. She practices at the Rivière-du-Loup office and also meets with clients at the Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac office.  Her practice is mainly focused on traditional notarial law.  She guides and advises her clients with a human and personalized approach in all their projects, whether it is for the purchase and financing of a property, the drafting of a will and mandate of protection, the establishment of a servitude, the settlement of an estate, the drafting of a marriage contract and the filing of applications for authorization and declaration with the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec.


Year of admission to the profession : 2022

2022 : Degree in notarial law, D.D.N., Laval University.

2020: Bachelor’s degree in law, LL.B., Laval University.


Real estate law

Indivision agreements

Request for judicial recognition of the right of ownership for acquisitive prescription



Evaluation of real estate titles

Immovable hypothecs

Offer to purchase



Sales (residential or commercial)


Surety bonds

Movable hypothecs with or without delivery

Human rights Law

Marriage contracts

Civil union contracts

Common law contracts

Powers of attorney and mandates in case of incapacity


Non-contentious matters

Application for prescription

Mandate homologation in case of incapacity

Institution of protective supervision (tutorship, curatorship)

Probate of holograph will or will made before witnesses


Declaration of transmission of movable or immovable property

Declaration of heredity

Appointment of a liquidator

Inventory of the deceased’s property

Reading of wills

Passing of accounts and sharing

Publication of legal notices

Renunciation of a succession

Will searches

Services related to a notary’s functions as a public officer

Authorization for minors to travel outside the country

Certifying of various documents

Corporate vault

The ability to contact us throughout the year for all your questions and requests

Support and consulting services throughout the year

Communication with an accountant once the financial statements are complete

Monitoring of entries and exits

Preparation of annual general meetings

Storage of books in our vault

Verification and updating of the corporation’s status with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec and Corporations Canada where applicable

Côté Ouellet Thivierge

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